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ygochallenge; a yu-gi-oh! icontest
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Welcome to ygochallenge, a Yu-Gi-Oh! icon challenge for all of the fandom. All Yu-Gi-Oh! fans are welcome. Your host is loveshine. If you have any questions, feel free to send her a message.
1. Challenges go up on Monday evening. Icons can be submitted up until voting goes up on Friday evening. Results will be posted either Sunday evening or Monday morning. Note that the timezone where I live is GMT+8.
2. Icons should be 100x100px (or smaller) and less than 40kb in size. Animated icons are currently not allowed. You may enter up to three icons per challenge.
3. Icons should be made specifically for the challenge.
4. All icons are to be related to the DM, GX or 5D's anime/manga. Fanart, doujin and cosplay are not allowed.
5. Don't vote for yourself and don't get friends to vote for you. Icons should not be posted anywhere else until results have been posted.
6. You must be a member to vote and participate.
7. Use an image server like Photobucket, Imageshack or TinyPic for your icons.
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